Home By The Sea

It's true, I was born a city central kid, but it was a dream of mine to have a home by the sea. I met my soul mate at only 17 and a few years later we started our little tribe with two beautiful children. We built our lives in the city, although, we always believed that one day we would make the move and have our dream home by the sea. 
 Four years ago, with teenagers in tow, we finally made it.
Soon I became inspired by my surroundings. I searched for beautiful beach towels, hand-woven bags to take to the beach and I filled my new beach house with all the things I loved.
 I enjoy finding something unique that’s been handmade or made from natural materials. Soon I had family and friends asking me to source things for them.
So, I decided to share my finds, and so that was the beginning of Home By The Sea.
 I’ve paired up with some wonderful suppliers who have values similar to myself. I try my best to find fair trade items and I’m always in search for something that's been designed by Kiwi's or made here in NZ.
I am very protective of this ocean that I see every day, I will only send items in recycled or compostable post bags. Nothing you receive will come in plastic packaging!
If you want to join us on our journey, sign up for our newsletter. I will share our progress with you and keep you updated on our new Home By The Sea finds.
We are located in Long Bay, Auckland and have a Click + Collect option at check out for easy pick up.
We are excited to share our journey!
Sharon and the Tribe x